A call for National reorientation

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When you hear a call for national orientation or re-orientation, what occurs to your mind? It usually comes to a lot of people as a call for awareness concerning a particular cause or something, right? An orientation or re-orientation without provision for punishment in case of disobedience is not complete.

The trend in Nigeria now is many of her youths are turning into “419”, armed robbery, pen robbery, kidnapping, ritual killings, terrorism, wanting to become politicians, pastors, prostitutes (male or female and bobriskism) and the likes. Why? To them, it is easier to become rich, accepted and famous through these means. Deception!

At this junction, it is important to know what trend is and the difference between trend, lifestyle and culture. Trend speaks of multiplicity. Culture is value in liquid form or character while lifestyle is value in “ice block form”. When a particular value is formed, it becomes a lifestyle or an attitude. Multiplication of lifestyle is trend.

The Nigeria culture has been COMPROMISED, ABUSED and RAPED. The resultant effects are confusion, anger and cheating or hypocrisies. These are expressed through the maladies bedeviling us today in forms of 419, armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and the likes as mentioned above

For the past 6 years, I have gathered young people, male and female, different tribes and ethnicities, different belief systems in my platform to understudy their behaviours while keeping them busy in the ordinary business of life. As it is in the society, so it is in the corporate world. Societal behaviours are being “exported” into institutions and relationships.

Many are looking for platforms to express their compromised, abused and raped experiences whether in business, life and relationships. As a result, many platforms have been compromised, abused and raped.

I’m the voice of one crying out for a national re-orientation in the city. Repent, stop the compromise, say no to abuse and rape not only in relationships but in business and in our cultures or beliefs.

What is the solution or way forward?
I’m introducing what is working in Bruno’s Place. It is simply S.A.L.T initiative. It is a combination of Skills Acquisition & Life Transformation with punishment for disobedience infused into it. SALT helps in metabolism, is good for seasoning and lower blood pressure. As it is in the physical, so it is in the spiritual.

Let’s raise and rain “salts (role models of which I’m one) in Nigeria”, let’s build virgin platforms, re-orientate and support compromised, abused and raped platforms. Let’s intentionally purnish compromisers, abusers and rapists of our businesses, lives and relationships in Nigeria and in diaspora.


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