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Be APP, an acronym for:

AUTHENTICITY: Be Authentic. If you are good, be good. If you are bad, be bad. No middle ground – it’s too expensive to be good and bad at the same time, that’s hypocrisy. Whatever your choice, DO NOT JOKE WITH YOUR JOB OR WORK OR MINISTRY. The devil will still test the good, destroy the bad and maim the hypocrites. That’s a promise.

PROFESSIONALISM: Be professional. Don’t just be on social media networking but set up frameworks, put up structures, build with the right materials. Form a hedge around you. Even when you decrease, your job or your work or ministry will increase when you are professional.

PASSIONATE: Be passionate. Let your passion be effective to produce and reproduce in others. Be contagious. Be a reservoir of satisfaction or multiple orgasms. A true brand is known after the testator is gone and buried. The Jesus Christ brand is alive and alive forever. Brands don’t die, they live forever. Celebrities die and are buried but Legends are forever!

I’m APP. I’m a BRAND. I’m a LEGEND.


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