Does he never get tired of harassing human beings?

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This guy “no dey tire sef” from harassing human beings with FEAR of:*Death *Poverty and *Loneliness. Imagine out of over 15 million sperm, you survived. You did not die but alive today.

Then came poverty. I fought this guy to the finish. I refused to be IGNORANT of his devices- disappointment, rejections, frustrations, and the likes. Today, I can boldly say, poverty where is your sting?

He came again to fight me with loneliness, he was always asking, when are you going to get married? When are you having children? I overcame .

Today, he has come again with Corona Virus Convid-19, threatening us with death again.

Devil, you nor dey tire? na wah

Don’t be afraid. Don’t panic. let your mind be at peace. This shall surely pass away. Seek the face of God .


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