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Don’t blame Donald Trump. They would want you to blame him for the calamities in the world today. Yes, he provoked them. His war against corruption, hypocrisies and Immorality has led us to this. He initiated Joe Biden and his son’s investigation; the China and America business deal and his hatred for homosexuality. What you are seeing today in whatever form – mental illnesses, CoronaVirus and fake news are designed by them to frustrate him, destroy the American economy, create fear and pandemonium in the world. The devil is behind all these. We are not unawares of his old time strategy. God may be slow to act because these are man made problems, He must surely act when we invite Him. What are you waiting for? Invite Him to your situation right now!

This is not the end of the world even if it seem so, many of us don’t have anything to lose. There’s heaven and it’s a better place than this messed up world right now. Repent of your sins and give your life to God.

This is not the time to FEAR but the time to have FAITH in your business, your God and your family or relationships with people. They are out to destroy some businesses, disaffection towards God and to promote social distancing among people.

Like the Lamb that was led to the slaughter so are we now in this present times. That should be our attitude.¬† Vengeance belongs to God only. Can’t you see they cannot manage their vengeance as a result of their immaturity. Don’t be disobedient to constituted authorities, they will take advantage of the situation to boost their ego by killing more lives. Stay safe.

What should you be doing now in your closet:

Read, fast and pray.
Paint the internet red with the blood of Jesus Christ . Count your blessings so far and share with others on social media. We will always overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ and words of our testimonies Rev.12:11


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