Facts, Reasoning and Feelings

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There are three major perspectives or angles you can view a word, or a matter, or a thing before taking a side with or judging or taking a decision. They are:
* Reasoning and
* Feelings
Many naturally default to the feelings angle

I found the simplest way to deal with “Factory set”” or “default feelings”
Put the facts together and reason, you will be amazed at your feelings.

I’m not moved by feelings but by REASONING TOGETHER not even facts. Feelings are deceptive and facts can be manipulated.

Reasoning deals with the INTENTIONS of the heart and that carries the highest marks as in an examination

A lady asked me to lend her N200,000 that’s approximately $556. I asked her how she was going to pay me back. She said “you know na” meaning she would have sex with me.

Beautiful and very young lady, “Oh boy!…” Feelings called out to me, ” …See delicious food.” But Facts beckoned to me and asked me, “Have you considered this…and that…” I reasoned together with her and our feelings changed. Today she is one of my DISTANT FRIENDS. We are not enemies.

I have many examples to give but I don’t want to bore you with details


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