Man’s greatest fear

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Man’s greatest fears are:

It is not death. People risks their lives for fear of the above.

The greatest of it all is rejection
Rejection has been so good to me. It made me realised how resilient I am. I’m a strong man who can not be easily squeezed or destroyed.

I’m like the proverbial stone that was rejected by the builders who is now the Chief Inspiration Officer of Bruno’s Place, transforming lives, giving beauty and hope to our world today

Rejection cometh when you try to leave outside of yourself, or cleave to someone or migrate to a foreign land.

Rejection can really be devastating like the impact of Hurricane Dorian presently on Bahamas

or the Black on Black crime or xenophobic attacks in South Africa on the Nigeria immigrants

We all suffer rejection at one point or the other in our jobs or businesses, life and relationships.

Rejection was and still is a time for me to inspire myself, motivate myself and express myself to the point that I become the most desirable and wanted in business, life and relationships.

I have learnt to leave within and outside of my body or my environment or my country.
I started my brand because I was rejected. My brand was built mostly on rejects, converting them to most desirable personal brands today.

The root cause of hatred, depression or mental illness, terrorism, racism, black on black crimes or xenophobic violence is REJECTION

Have you suffered rejection or rejected someone? How did you handle the devastating impact?

It is not the devastating impact that matters. It is your reactions that shows whether you are strong or resilient. I may not know how to do most things but when it comes to reactions or resilience, I dare you to compete with me. I can tell you for a fact, I’m gonna floor you and you goin’ to stay put, I guarantee you that, for sure, meh!


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