Nigeria has not been ruled by the likes of David but the likes of bears, lions and Goliaths

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I will do exactly what I’m doing in Bruno’s Place to Nigeria and Nigerians if I were to be the President or Special Adviser to the President. What have I done so far in Bruno’s Place?

1. I Created a profitable PLATFORM
2. Evidently TRANSFORMED many lives
3. Provided a CONVENIENT environment for others

*I will make Nigeria a profitable Platform by creating prototype platforms in all sectors
*I will intentionally transform the lives of Nigerians by first switching their attitudes from left to right; change their mindsets; replace their fears with believing in themselves and their community or nation; overcome their challenges by meeting their basic needs, teach them investments, savings and giving back to their communities or nation.
* Provide a convenient and secured environment to others especially foreigners and immigrants.

Remember David in the bible, he was able to kill Goliath because he first killed the bear and a lion. He later became a king and made his people and his God happy.

I’m not David, I don’t intend to become the president of Nigeria but I’m glad God opens my eyes to see the problems and solutions to Nigeria and Nigerians and for using me in Bruno’s Place to transform lives and providing a convenient environment for others.

Nigeria has not been ruled or advised by the likes of David. I see bears, lions and Goliath handling the affairs of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Bears, lions and Goliath are confused, angry and seductive people looking for who they will devour. How did I know that? Take a look at the youths of Nigeria. They are a reflection of their homes and their communities. They are unashamedly exporting their characters, attitudes and lifestyle into corporate world. Many are confused, angry, seductive and express these virtues through hypocrisy. They have become bears, lions and Goliaths. It is only a bear or lion or Goliath that will kill, maim and destroy lives whether individually or in large numbers.

I’m just the voice of one crying not in the wilderness but in the city…Don’t let anyone deceive you, the solution to Nigeria and Nigerians problems are not in Sokoto, it is in our “shokoto”.


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