On Seduction, Rebellion and Impatience

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On Seduction, Rebellion and Impatience

There were some “traditions” I observed both in the corporate environment and private sectors while cutting my onions on my way to the tops.
I just couldn’t reconcile with them but they forced me out to create my own platform so I could deal with the issues. They are hypocrisy, corruption and competition. They are so endemic in our institutions both spiritual, political institutions and our society in general.

How did they come about? Hypocrisy was imported from the homes into the market space. I was shown a cemetery in the United States where they bury animals like dogs, cats and the likes yet they kill roaches, bugs, rodents and the likes. Why love some and kill some? At home, so much pretences and kids watch these behaviours every day and see them as a norm. When we come to office we try to impress, pretend to be doing something when the boss shows up all because of salaries. That’s hypocrisy. Corruption? You know where that came from- Politicians. What of competition? From the street, the society. Take football for instance, it’s about winning. We celebrate the winnings and relegate to the background, so it seems, that virtue that enables the victory which is collaboration.

I set up frameworks, put up structures and gathered materials to build a virile environment or platform to deal with these issues. In the place of hypocrisy I introduced commission – pay as you work not salary as they do in those places. That took out hypocrisy. In the place of corruption, I introduced inspiration. In the place of competition, I introduced collaboration. After dealing with these issues, something else showed up- seduction, rebellion and impatience. These are weapons fashioned to cheat, greediness and selfishness. I replaced seduction with role modelling- discerning and designing prototypes and models. I introduced laws called IOU to deal with rebellion. These laws were regulation and also to forestall or prevent termination of employment and being thrown back to street hustling. Have we dealt with impatience, not yet, it is more of a choice. A decision you have to make as a worker.

What is the PURPOSE behind your business, life and relationships? What are you selling via your products and services? Is it seduction, rebellion and impatience or hypocrisy, corruption and competition?


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