Power of IDENTITY Card

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My staff had a terrible accident yesterday. It was her off day and she was on her way to the market so I was told when it happened. The tricycle or “keke Marwa” she was in lost control and fell into a gutter. She was the only one that was badly injured. Her thigh bone got broken and shifted according to x-ray report.

Her phone was stolen at the spot of the accident. Luckily, her identity card was found with my number on it. I was contacted by the driver of the tricycle. Just imagine, no identity card, phone was stolen, how could they have reached me? She didn’t even remember any phone number of her relatives but thank God for Facebook. I was able to reach her brother.

I had mixed feelings yesterday. We still have a long way to go in our country. Why do we always put cash or money before life? What if I didn’t have enough cash on me yesterday? What if I didn’t respond quickly, payment before x-ray is taken, payment before laboratory test, payment before blood is administered, payment for any form of treatment while the patient is languishing in pains.

You don’t know how blessed you are when you can walk around with your two legs without having to be carried around from one unit to another of the hospital with a stretcher. You are more blessed if you have God or a godly person or cash in time of emergency but if you don’t have any of these, I wonder your fate at the overcrowded general hospitals in our country.

I almost cried yesterday because I could not take the final decision on her case. The cost wasn’t an issue though they requested for another N300,000 before operating on her leg but the family insisted they wanted to go the native way. I have prayed for her. My God that saved her life, will also heal her no matter where they have taken her to. She will be fine.


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