Blame me for having an inquisitive mind that led me to read the bible from cover to cover, four times. I found out the Truth and the truth for myself. I graduated from a university and also I’m a certified brand strategist. While in the banking sector, I attended many paid for, leadership courses by my employer. I have also attended a lot of free seminars on economics, politics and corporate social responsibility. I have personally read and still read many best seller authors on processes and events.
In comparison, I have never or yet to see a book as simple and easy to understand and to apply like the bible.

What I have gained from my personal research is working in my business, life and relationship with people. My conclusion, there’s God and He still rules in the affairs of men. It’s impossible to take out the Godfactor in business, life and relationships. There is the physical and the spiritual. There are good and bad. There is negative and positive. Everything is not in black and white. There are gray areas. I am physical and spiritual but I’m neither black nor white in my mind and I try as much as possible to stay with the good, the positive and avoid the gray areas. I want to be global in my approach to business, life and relationships.