The Principle of Waiting and Tarrying in business, life and relationship

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I have been drunk before.
I know how it feels to be drunk
You don’t get drunk quickly. It takes some WAITING and TARRYING

Sometimes it involves mixing of wine by a waitress or waiter or by self

Gradually, your eyes starts turning red and you begin to be embolden and fearless as you  approach seemingly difficult situations.

In the process you begin to see differently, then talk differently, and then behave & act differently.

If you tarry long enough you will soon get filled to the brim and then to the overflow that reflects in bold action.

Have you been there before or are you still there?

Business, life and relationship takes the same process. It takes WAITING and TARRYING too until your success cup becomes full to overflowing. I have experienced both of them. I know what it is to be physically  or spiritually drunk and successfully drunk to overflowing.

If you do not understand the physical things, how then can you understand spiritual things?


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