What the world demands of you today

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“…Satisfaction is what the world offers. The world has gone further to idolized and iconizes it. The world description of satisfaction is the feeling you have when you have sex and achieved orgasm. The human icon for satisfaction is a beautiful slim lady. Just take a look at the billboards, advert pages in the newspapers, what of television ads. If you are not still convinced, what do you make of today’s entertainment super stars? Take a look around you today, what do you see? Ladies in tight pants, mini-skirts, very high heel shoes and the likes. The world demands of you to be sexy.

But, there is a level that is higher than satisfaction. That level is fulfillment which is the door way to self actualization. Fulfillment is when you are contented or when you have arrived. Fulfillment is all about you while self actualization is helping others to arrive. How can I make you understand this? Okay, if you studied say for example, Law in the university (passionate about law) and you got a Job in a bank as a marketer; would you consider yourself satisfied, fulfilled or self actualized? I would say you are satisfied; at least you can leave your house every morning and go to work. You can afford the basic necessities of life. But fulfilled or self actualized, I would say no.


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