Who told you that you cannot succeed in Nigeria

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I listened to a joke by Short Family. There was a common sense in the joke. Depression is real, many are committing suicide but he said, suicide has never and can never be the best way out of depression but if you must kill yourself, before you do that, get into your bathroom, naked yourself, consider and ponder on the hairs around your anus or shit hole. If they could grow under unfavourable and harsh conditions, it is possible to grow yourself in Nigeria or African at large.

Someone once called Nigeria a shit hole country. Some of us are like the hairs around the shit hole. No matter the harsh or unfavourable conditions of this country, we are growing up, anyway.

Positioning is key to business, life and relationships. Where are you? Who told you that you cannot succeed in Nigeria? I have succeeded in Nigeria. Do you want to succeed?
If you have done all to stand and nothing is happening, maybe what you need to do next is to SWITCH your positioning.

There is nothing that smells like Nigeria shit. If I have lived here for the past 49 years and soon to be 50 years precisely October 6, 2019, I can boldly tell you that nothing smells like Nigeria’s hypocrisy, corruption and Immorality. Many are selling these shits. No matter how you package hypocrisy, corruption and Immorality, shit is shit, it smells to discerning noses and my nose has been excercised for over 49 years to discern hypocrites, cheats, greedy, selfish and seductive people and the know-how to do business, live and relate with them.

My name is Bruno Oaikhinan, a banker turned hairstylist.

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