Why we are the way we are in Nigeria

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There are some experiences one goes through and if you are very observant and meditate alot like me, you get to know not just the root cause or why you passed through the experiences but you also get a revelation about the solution to the problem.

Three experiences I had yesterday and this morning confirmed to me that Nigerians should be thinking long term solutions rather short term or immediate solutions to our challenges or problems. Why am I different? I have lived all my life here in Nigeria, I do business here and my friends are here. I think long term. It is easy to tell because I wear black shirt and I see a lot of people every day dressed in white attire but with dark minds relying on mere illumination from their packaging.

Why should a bank call to inform you to provide an unnecessary document for a renewal of an Overdraft that is cash backed few days to the expiration? An account with cash flow and well managed for over 5 years. Just imagine, I don’t have God, got the information at least 3 days before the expiration and I did not have extra cash to fund my account before they could throw it into debit and charge me at default penalty interest rate. Was that the plan? Let also assume, the lifeline of my business was dependent on the Overdraft, I would have been at their mercies. But I thank God for foresight, for information and for savings. If you don’t have God or information or money, you are done for in this country. But if you have all, blessed are you among men.

The second experience was my official car in Abuja packed up somewhere and I had to wait for over one hour before help came. I can’t remember when last this happened to me. Someone adviced me not to take the car to Hyundai workshop where I usually service it or for any repair because he felt they were unusually expensive. I obeyed. The car was taken somewhere to be fixed. It worked well and the cost was drastically reduced but I didn’t know it was a short term solution. Just imagine I had traveled far or by night or it was my staff that was driving the car yesterday? Again, I thank God for His protection, the information I got from another mechanic and I had cash. Save cash on the short run and you eventually pay more than double with embarrassing situations in the long run. What a people and a country. We hail thee!

The last one was an experience with security in my place of work. They suddenly realized they have to be checking identity cards before you could get into the mall. While in banking, I was taught, KYC which means Know Your Customers. Is anything wrong if security guards are taught KYT which is Know Your Tenants. How could a security guard be asking me to show my identity card, a Tenants you know for over 3 years just because a new rule says all tenants and staff in the building must show identity cards before entrance is allowed?

It is okay to have the required documentation, it is okay to cut cost, it is okay to be security conscious but more importantly, we should seek to really know who we are dealing with and build long lasting relationships and not just be merely interested in short term formalities or gratification. It is not all about business, it is also about building lives and long lasting relationships. A lot rushed for American brands, do you know why? America spirit is about long term and enduring products or services. I will pick America any day compared to China or Korea or any other country. I’m different. I think long term. Quality on my mind all the time.


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